Share files from S3
without sharing AWS keys

SSO with Okta, OneLogin, and JumpCloud

Unlimited buckets and users

Your files live in your private cloud

7 days free then $20/month


Set Up in Seconds

Data Stays in Your Cloud

Bucket Buddy loads files directly from S3 into your browser using CORS.

To enable this, just copy this configuration into your bucket's config page in the AWS Console:


Don't worry, this only takes a second - and we've documented the details if you get stuck.

Secured with AWS STS

Bucket Buddy lets you browse your buckets by generating temporary AWS STS credentials for you as you browse.

We encrypt these credentials, load them into your browser, and use them to provide a seamless file viewing experience.

They expire every 15 minutes, keeping your data accessible and secure.

Protected By Your Corp SSO

Bucket Buddy integrates with your company's SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) provider for authentication and authorization.

To view your bucket, your co-workers can simply:

  • sign into your SSO provider (Okta, OneLogin, or JumpCloud)
  • browse to your private site (directly or via your SSO panel)
  • view files from your bucket in your browser

That's it! No shared AWS keys, no AWS IAM, and no headaches.